Unionism & The Treaty

Unionism & The Treaty

Ulster leader James Craig thought he had beaten Lloyd George during the Anglo-Irish Treaty negotiations.
Gretchen Friemann
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The Burke & Wills Expedition

David Cairns

The author of a new novel describes the ill-fated journey into the Australian outback.

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Hereward the Wake

David Pilling

The Normans had to deal with a warm welcome from two Anglo-Saxon leaders in particular

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Language, Religion and the Treaty of Lausanne

Bruce Clark

The impact of the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne between Turkey and Greece resulted in legalised ethnic cleansing.

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The Theresienstadt Propaganda Film

Catherine Hokin

The Theresienstadt film made by the Nazis is a haunting example of fake news.

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The History of Cities

Paul Strathern

Paul Strathern examines cities' role in history and up to the modern day.

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Were the SAS Rogue Heroes?

Tom Petch

Mayne and Stirling were the forerunners, but was Dudley Clarke the real 'Rogue Hero'?

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The Arctic Convoys

John McKay

An often forgotten theatre of war was the Arctic, when Royal & Merchant Navy convoys braved the conditions, and enemy, to supply Russian allies.

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Quiz Questions – Answers

Oliver Webb-Carter

The answers to our editor's Christmas Quiz

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Aspects of History Day: Two Years On

Oliver Webb-Carter

Our editor reflects on two years of Aspects of History.

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Warrior Princess

Dr Tessa Dunlop

The late Queen was a serving member of the armed forces during the Second World War, a fact often forgotten.

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