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Aspects of History Summer Festival

Over each evening, from June 7th – 10th, our editor, Oliver Webb-Carter, will interview four of our historians about their latest books and future projects.

We have arranged a high quality line-up of Charles Spencer, Helen Fry, Saul David and Giles Milton.

Tune-in each evening at 19:00 on our YouTube Channel, which you’ll also be able to access on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to watch each interview.

To ask a question, please sign up to our mailing list at Aspects of History, send your question to history@aspectsofhistory.com and our editor will put the question to each author, time permitting. The authors will also be available afterwards to answer questions via Twitter.

Events are free.

You can support the festival by taking out an annual subscription to the Aspects of History magazine for just £9.99/$9.99, or sign-up to our mailing list for free content and book giveaways.

Charles Spencer at 19:00, 7th June


Charles talks about the history behind his latest book,The
White Ship
, the greatest sea disaster in English history.

Helen Fry at 19:00, 8th June


Helen is interviewed about the Secret Service organisation,
 MI9, responsible for escape and evasion in WW2

Giles Milton at 19:00, 9th June


Cold War espionage and the greatest airlift in history are
the subject, in Giles Milton’s Checkmate in Berlin.

Saul David at 19:00, 10th June


The bomb and the most brutal battle of WW2. Saul David
discusses his new paperback, Crucible of Hell.