Graffiti in The Wolf Den

Graffiti in The Wolf Den

The graffiti of Pompeii is a wonder to behold, and inspiration for a new novel. Here the author writes about her favourites.
Elodie Harper
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Anatomy of a Disaster: The Easter Day Massacre

Tom Walker

When one RAF light bomber squadron flew into action in Greece in April 1941 its aim was to halt a German offensive, but it had tragic consequences for everyone involved.

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Empress Elizabeth: Saving the Slavic Soul

Ellen Alpsten

Empress Elizabeth went through many struggles, until she emerged as a great monarch.

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Language Lost: A Levantine Lament

Michael Vatikiotis

A story that begins with the construction of the Suez canal.

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The Royal Navy and its Rum: The History of the Tot

Mitch Wilson

The Royal Navy rum tot, or ration, is traced up until 31st July 1970: the day the rum died.

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Better to Have Gone: Auroville

Akash Kapur

In this excerpt from his new book, Better to Have Gone, Akash Kapur describes the beginning of an incredible journey.

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Winceby: The Finest Hour of the Rising Cromwell

Ronald Hutton

This lesser known battle was fine preparation for Cromwell ahead of his victories at Marston Moor and Naseby

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Five Books By My Bed

Barney White-Spunner

The author of Berlin: The Story of a City and Partition writes about his favourite books to read this Summer.

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Good Communists: Spying in the 1930s

Michael Ridpath

The Wall Street Crash of 1929 pre-empted a decade of the rise of Nazism, anti-semitism and re-armament. All over Europe, millions looked to a new form of government. In the United Kingdom, the 1930s saw a large number of agents recruited by the Russians.

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Origins of a Legend: Robin Hood and the Disinherited

David Pilling

Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Prince of Thieves, Sean Connery, Errol Flynn and Douglas Fairbanks. There have been so many interpretations of the legendary figure, but where does the story really come from? Novelist and historian David Pilling reveals all.

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History Repeating Itself? The Spanish Flu of 1918.

Catharine Arnold

In 1918 humanity face another influenza pandemic, this one more lethal, which hit populations emerging from the horrors of World War One.

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