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Mining for History

Derek Birks

Author Derek Birks examines the evidence for a heroic defender of the Britons.

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Historical Heroes: Richard the Lionheart

Ben Kane

Ben Kane reflects on the controversies surrounding Richard the Lionheart, and explains why he merits celebration.

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The Forgotten Army of WW2

Shirley Dickson

The little-known Women's Timber Corps played a vital role in the war effort.

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Writing Arctic Star

Tom Palmer

The award-winning children's author explains the story behind his latest novel

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American Gibraltar: The Fortress at Louisbourg

David O. Stewart

The Fortress of Louisbourg was a prize the British lusted after during the Seven Years War, but was this the first possession that would lead to the loss of the 13 colonies?

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Churchill and Mustard Gas

Anthony Tucker-Jones

Churchill was an enthusiastic proponent of using the deadly chemical weapon.

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Julian Corbett: Military Genius

Andrew Lambert

Julian Corbett, the great naval strategist, was a British Clausewitz. Are we following his doctrine today?

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Football and the Nazis

Alex Gerlis

The Nazis were only to keen to use football as propaganda. The author of a new novel set in the period digs deeper.

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The Dublin Railway Murder: Criminal Investigation and the Press

Thomas Morris

It was a horrifying crime, but did the press disrupt the investigation?

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Before the Assassination: Archduke Ferdinand and the General

Alan Bardos

Was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand a failure of intelligence or a consequence of ambition?

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