Michael Wood on the Dark Ages

Michael Wood on the Dark Ages

When the TV series of In Search of the Dark Ages was broadcast in 1979, its presenter Michael Wood had embarked on a groundbreaking career in presenting history on television.
Michael Wood
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Tom Petch

Tom Petch

Tom Petch is a Writer and Director. Tom served for eight years in the British Army, as a tank commander, adjutant, aide de camp and Troop Commander of 22 SAS. His military experience gives him a unique perspective on recently declassified archives, operation reports, accounts and interviews of the original SAS and their commanders. He is now an award-winning film director and producer whose debut film, The Patrol, won the Raindance Film Festival. He is also the great-great-grandson of Samuel Shepheard, who founded Shepheard's Hotel in Cairo where the SAS was born.
Tom Petch
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Zulu: The Heroism & Tragedy of the Zulu War

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