Unionism & The Treaty

Unionism & The Treaty

Ulster leader James Craig thought he had beaten Lloyd George during the Anglo-Irish Treaty negotiations.
Gretchen Friemann
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Yorkshire’s Naseby

Mark Turnbull

The Battle of Sherburn in Elmet is perhaps a more crucial turning point in the Civil War than Naseby, so argues Mark Turnbull.

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Aspects of History’s Top 10 War Films

Oliver Webb-Carter

Our editor gives his run down in the wake of the BAFTA win of All Quiet on the Western Front.

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The Unconventional Enemy

Andrew Richards

For British soldiers serving after the fall of the Wall new challenges have arisen in place of the communist threat.

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Ho Chi Minh & the Vietnam War

Ian Gardner

The background to the Vietnam War that saw more than 3 million killed.

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A Real Life Fairy Tale: The Springfield Witch-Hunt

Malcolm Gaskill

The author of a new book on witch-trials of 17th century America describes the atmosphere of the time.

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The Great War: Was it a Waste?

Oliver Webb-Carter

All Quiet on the Western Front is a powerful film, but suggests the war was for nothing. Our editor disagrees.

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The Empress and the Pandemic

Lucy Ward

Catherine the Great, took groundbreaking steps to inoculate not only herself, but her population too.

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From Stage to Page

Lucy Ashe

The debut novelist describes the ballets that inspired her.

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Solving the Mystery of The Tobermory Galleon

Timothy Ashby

The story of a lost ship. Has it been found?

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Tourist Troubles in Ancient Rome

Jerry Toner

Ancient tourists faced an array of difficulties and dangers as they made their tour of the highlights of the empire.

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