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Unionism & The Treaty

Unionism & The Treaty

Ulster leader James Craig thought he had beaten Lloyd George during the Anglo-Irish Treaty negotiations.
Gretchen Friemann
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Was Taranto the Inspiration Behind Japan’s Attack on Pearl Harbor?

Alan Bardos

Before Pearl Harbor the Fleet Air Arm showed the way at Taranto.

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How Did the Ordinary German Soldier Behave During the War and the Holocaust?

Philip W. Blood

A new collection of essays raise important questions on the war in Ukraine.

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Saving Munich: The Story of Rupprecht Gerngross

Lesley Yarranton

The final plot against Hitler was led by a figure forgotten about today.

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Nancy Wake: SOE Agent

Elizabeth Buchan

How Far Would You Go To Do What is Right?

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Earthquake at Antioch

Katherine Pangonis

Antioch (modern-day Antakya) has suffered terribly from earthquakes throughout its history.

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A New Cold War

Calder Walton

Five lessons to keep in mind in the coming months and years of our new stand-off with China.

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Espionage In The UK

Mark Hollingsworth

Now that we in the West have entered a new phase in our relationship with Russia, it’s worth recalling the Cold War when Britain was a battleground of espionage.

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Stalingrad: Researching the Lighthouse

Iain MacGregor

The recent Russian invasion of Ukraine means it’s unlikely any western historians will visit again for quite some while.

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The Glutton and the Flatterer

Peter Stothard

Vitellius came from a long line of talented courtiers, but when he gained the big job, it was a little more than he bargained for.

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