The Last Viking

The Last Viking

Before Norwegian king Harald Hardrada led the last great Viking invasion of England, he led a life of legend
Don Hollway
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What Did the Romans Ever Do For Britannia?

Jacquie Rogers

The Romans transformed Britain into a wealthy island by the 4th century.

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Mantinea: When the Spartans Actually Won

Myke Cole

The Spartans have an undeserved reputation for military success, but Mantinea was one major victory.

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Saint Columba & Aedan: To Dunadd, Citadel of Kings

Paula de Fougerolles

The author of The Chronicles of Iona writes about the hillfort of Dunadd, seat of Aedan, King of Dal Riata.

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The Last Assassin: Cassius Parmensis

Peter Stothard

The assassins of Caesar were ruthlessly hunted down, and the last man standing was Cassius Parmensis

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Operation Mincemeat at the Southwark Playhouse

Richard Foreman

A new musical is on, and its subject is the covert British operation during WW2 to confuse the Nazis before the invasion of Italy.

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All Empires Are Not Alike

Greg Woolf

All Empires are not alike, but they want you to think they are

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A Corpse on Everest: George Mallory

Giles Milton

The 1924 Everest expedition ended in tragedy, but did they conquer the mountain?

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Hitler and Stalin: Operation Barbarossa and the Decision to Attack the Soviet Union

Frank McDonough

Frank McDonough, acclaimed historian of Nazi Germany, looks at the talks between the two powers that ended in Hitler's catastrophic decision.

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Five Favourites: Books on the Indian Mutiny

Gordon Corrigan

Gordon Corrigan, acclaimed historian, picks his favourite accounts of the uprising during British rule in India.

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