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The first chapter in a longer story

Our mission at Aspects of History is to help publish and promote new authors, as well as established writers.

We are keen to build relationships with debut authors and creative writing groups.

We are accepting submissions for 2021. Sign up to our mailing list and have a read of our first issue to gain a greater understanding of what we are looking for.

Please do get in touch if you would be interested in arranging an Author Platform for your group. We can promote your group and its writing in an ongoing way. You may wish to publish blog posts, short stories and book reviews by members and share the cost.

We can arrange packages to publish and promote short story anthologies by your group or works by individual members. We can help expand your contacts and widen your readerships. We can arrange cover design, editorial services, formatting, and marketing advice. Authors will retain all rights and royalties.

Should you be interested in our editor and an author coming to give a talk to your group, then do get in touch. At present we can only arrange events in the south-east.

We will be arranging writing competitions and book awards in 2021. Please sign up to our FREE mailing list to receive info.

For any enquiries about the above or other questions you might have please contact Oliver Webb-Carter at