Olivia Jordan

Olivia Jordan

Olivia Jordan served in France during the Phoney War, and then translated for the Free French and drove for de Gaulle during his exile in London.
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Wim Wenders: Photographing Ground Zero at the IWM

Oliver Webb-Carter

As part of the IWM's 9/11 Twenty Years On commemoration, the German director is exhibiting his photographs taken at Ground Zero and our editor visited the display.

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Silent Warriors

Christopher Joll

The recent history of the SBS has prompted the official historian of the Household Cavalry to recall key personnel.

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The Last Viking

Don Hollway

Before Norwegian king Harald Hardrada led the last great Viking invasion of England, he led a life of legend

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The Making of Global Britain

Edmond Smith

An early venture to Benin ended in failure, but the making of Global Britain was during the 16th century.

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Ancient Greeks At War

Simon Elliott

The ancient Greeks had some incredible military achievements, but all are in the shadow of Alexander the Great.

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Voices of History: How to Talk Your Way to Power

Simon Sebag Montefiore

In his latest book, Simon selects the most influential speeches of history, ranging from Alexander the Great to John Boyega.  Here he introduces his choices, and tells what makes a powerful speech.

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Buffalo Bill and the Wild West Shows

Alec Marsh

Wild West Shows were hugely popular and solidified the Wild West myth.

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Stalwarts vs. Half-Breeds: Charisma and Vindictiveness in 19th Century Politics

Owen Dwyer

At a time when the US’s ex-president Trump embarks on his ‘revenge tour’ to get even with those Republicans who voted to impeach him, what insights can history give us?

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Sex and the Citadel: Rape and War

Mary Chamberlain

Female 'collaborators' suffered more frequently then their male counterparts.

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