Titanic Day by Day, by Simon Medhurst

Camilla Bolton

A new title, written by a descendant of Robert Hitchens, is a testament to those who lost their lives.
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Simon Medhurst has produced an extraordinary work in Titanic Day by Day: 366 Days with the Titanic. The great-grandson of Robert Hitchens, one of the six quartermasters of the Titanic, this is an ode to the lives lost on Titanic, so that they will never be forgotten.

Within this work, each page is dedicated to a different day of the year, including people who were born on the relevant day, and died aboard the Titanic. Additionally, there is a quote from a Titanic survivor, or an interesting Titanic historical fact. Nothing if not meticulous, Medhurst has created an incredible historical record of the memorable naval disaster.

A true work of dedication to the entirety of people the Titanic proved a vessel for; the crew, passengers, captain, officers, engineers, firemen and trimmers. Each lost life holds its own story and tragedy.

The book encompasses both the general narrative of the Titanic’s fateful passage, as well as the human story of its crew and passengers.

The publishers, Pen & Sword, should be congratulated for producing such a handsome volume too.


Simon Medhurst is an author and historian. Titanic: Day by Day is out now and published by Pen & Sword Books.