Our Future Was Forged by War

Alex Hippisley-Cox

A new Second World War book now has illustrations to bring the text to life.
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Our Future Was Forged by War

In this new book, bestselling historian James Holland presents a readable, powerful narration of the key moments of the Second World War, vividly brought to life in full colour with illustrations from award-winning artist Keith Burns.

Spanning six years between 1939 and 1945 and costing the lives of over 60 million people, the Second World War was the greatest conflict in human history. While 300 million people saw combat around the globe, total war left no human life unaffected and would change the world forever.

From the great cities of Europe to the jungles of Burma, and from to the deserts of North Africa to the remote islands of the South Pacific and the freezing waters of the Arctic, war touched every continent and ocean on the planet. And from the Blitzkrieg to the atom bomb, the fighting fuelled new technological development on land, at sea and in the air at a ferocious pace. Our future was forged by war.

Over five years in the making, and using over 280 specially commissioned illustrations, The Second World War: An Illustrated History is a ground-breaking collaboration between the bestselling historian James Holland and the award-winning artist Keith Burns. Combining compelling personal stories with a clear and highly accessible appreciation of the strategic and operational battle for supremacy between the Allies and the Axis powers, Holland weaves an irresistible narrative, producing an enthralling and illuminating account of the key battles and crucial turning points in the war.

This informative and eye-catching new book is aimed at history enthusiasts who maybe didn’t take the subject to a high level at school but who now want to be educated about this major period in world events. It is for those who enjoyed comics such as Warlord or The Victor as a child, who relish the challenge of an Airfix Model, and who now like nothing better than watching old war movies. It is also for those who might want to make sense of what is happening in the world right now and who want to put current events into their historical context.

In addition, The Second World War: An Illustrated History will be an important resource for any prospective GCSE history student wanting to understand what happened during, and the key points leading up to, the major battles of the Second World War. It is a book that will get teenagers excited about history, and will help them engage with the subject in really accessible way.

Most books about the Second World War are illustrated with black and white photographs. This book, however, is different. The illustrations here are in full colour, bringing the text vividly to life and leaving nothing to the imagination. The result is a unique and unforgettable account of the most extraordinary events the world has ever seen.

The Second World War: An Illustrated History by James Holland with illustrations from Keith Burns is out now and published by Michael Joseph.