The Ancient Assyrians, by Mark Healy

Tatiana Sondej

Comprehensive coverage, stunning visuals and engaging storytelling.
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Mark Healy’s The Ancient Assyrians is a wonderful exploration of the ancient Assyrian Empire and its intimidating army during the crucial period between 883-612 BC. It is a must-read for those seeking an in-depth study into one of history’s most enigmatic and powerful civilisations.

Healy takes the reader on a journey through the military dynamics of the 10th to 7th centuries BC, explaining the background of the first world empire and its outreach over the Mediterranean coast. From the meticulous attention to detail, one can see that a great deal of research went into this book.

One of the main strengths this book presents is the inclusion of a wide variety of high-quality illustrations, photographs of Assyrian artefacts, and maps portraying the vast expanse of the ancient empire. Not only do these visual aids enhance the reading experience, they also bring the ancient world to life. The detailed images of inscriptions, sculptures, pottery and weapons serve as invaluable supplements to the text, creating an engaging and incredibly immersive experience for history enthusiasts.

Overall, the structure of the book is skillful and well-organised, serving as a brilliant guide for new readers and experienced historians alike. Healy’s writing style is very accessible which makes complex historical information more easily digestible – the information is presented in a clear and engaging manner. Many key topics are covered, such as the Empire’s rise and fall, governance, the role of religion, and the empire’s important interactions with the neighbouring civilisations. The narrative features a seamless blend of insightful analysis and intriguing historical accounts.

The Ancient Assyrians is a must-read for all interested in military history, ancient history or the captivating world of the Assyrians in general. With its comprehensive coverage, stunning visuals and engaging storytelling, Healy’s book stands as a definitive resource on this remarkable civilisation.

The Ancient Assyrians by Mark Healy is out now and published by Osprey.