James Burge writes books about the Middle Ages. They include a biography of Abelard and Heloise and a book about Dante as well a fictional novella, Absolom and The Murders on the Grand Pont.

He is currently working on a full length work of fiction about the the early life of Peter Abelard in 12th-century Paris.

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James once operated a Dalek on BBC television. He studied Mathematics and Philosophy before becoming a maker of factual television programmes. His work includes The Illumination of the Medieval Mind, a series for BBC2 with Christopher Frayling as well as a number of Horizons, Timewatches and several other series.

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A Burning Sea
A Burning Sea
A Burning Sea
A Burning Sea


Dante: Inside the Mind of a Believer
Dante Alighieri (1265 – 1321) the Florentine author of the medieval masterpiece of fantasy-fiction known as the Divine Comedy provides the modern observer with a unique insight into the world-view of a thinking man at the height of the Age of Faith. This means that his work provides a resource that should be of interest to anyone who, like for example Richard Dawkins, is concerned ...

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James Burge
What first attracted you to the period or periods you work in?My interest is in the Middle Ages, particularly the Twelfth Century. I think what first attracted me, in my school days, was sheer weirdness of the period: bizarre beliefs, arcane knowledge, alchemy, plagues, Gothic architecture. Later I came to realise that in ...