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Adam Williams

Aspects of History author Peter Hughes is interviewed by Goldster as part of their book club. Their editor gives the background.
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Why is it so easy to hate and difficult to love? When societies fracture into warring tribes, we demonise those who oppose us. We tear down our statues, forgetting that what begins with the destruction of statues, often leads to the killing of people. The world is in shock now with new images of war and slaughter. Before the invasion of the Ukraine less than a month ago, Europe had thought these things were long behind us – yet blame, lies and hatred have been weaponized since the dawn of time. In a new book, A History of Love and Hate in 21 Statues, Dr. Peter Hughes, a philosopher and a member of the British Psychological Society, has used his expertise to explore extremes of human behaviour.

Peter’s new paperback

He blends history, philosophy and psychology in a compelling exploration of identity and power. His remarkable study spans every continent, religion and era, through the creation and destruction of 21 statues from the Egyptian pharaoh Hatshepsut and the Buddhas of Bamiyan to Mendelssohn, Joseph Stalin and Edward Colston.

And through this he helps us understand how neighbours become enemies and how easily we become polarised. Through stories of statue destruction, he shows us how the temptations of tyranny are always with us and what we can do to protect our own society against collapse.

Peter is no stranger to the media. In the past he has featured on the BBC, ABC Australia and more than 40 documentaries, publishing articles in many influential journals, including The Huffington Post, The Spectator, Quillette, Perspective Magazine and The New Statesman.

And on Wednesday 23rd March, at 12 noon GMT, Peter will discuss his book with Goldster presenter and former BBC correspondent, Asian commentator and political thriller writer, Humphrey Hawksley.

The Goldster Club is an online membership platform created to inspire and make accessible and enjoyable live classes for people to lead a more active, interesting, enjoyable and ultimately healthy life. The online platform offers members over 60 varieties of activities as diverse as Tai Chi, Painting, Yoga, Nutrition, Meditation, Life Coaching, Photography, Creative Writing and many other classes. The philosophy and methodology behind it is to guide mind, body and spirit towards healthier living and a longer life. A vibrant Book Club plays an active part.

It is free of charge and open to all who would like to attend, offering hour-long real time interviews with authors (Inside Stories) twice a week on Thursdays and Fridays at noon. Occasionally there are special Author to Author sessions – for example a conversation on the war in Ukraine with Dr Harman Ullman, soldier, Adviser to the Atlantic Council and ex White House military adviser which will take place at 7pm on 23rd March – to which Aspects of History subscribers would also be welcome. And on the last Friday of the month there is an open Book Club discussion on Goldster’s Book of the Month.

To attend Dr Peter Hughes Inside Story with Humphrey Hawksley on 24th March 12:00-13:00, or Harman Ullman’s Author to Author conversation  with Humphrey on 23rd March 19:00-20:00 or any other future Goldster Book Club event go the Goldster Book Club landing page at and press Join Our Book Club For Free.

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