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Ottoman Pathways to Tolerance

Marc David Baer

Marc David Baer demonstrates how the Ottomans established tolerance in Europe hundreds of years before the Enlightenment.

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Coventry & Stalingrad

Iain MacGregor

The author of a recent book on Stalingrad discusses Coventry's recent decision to cut ties with Volgograd, aka Stalingrad.

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Ancient Alamo: Blatobulgium Roman Fort

Alistair Tosh

The Fort of Blatobulgium was destroyed in a savage fight. What could have happened?

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Books of 2022 From Aspects of History

Our authors and contributors recommend books they've enjoyed this year

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Paris & Her Secrets

Amanda Lees

There are plenty of sites that reveal Parisian secrets from the past.

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Prince Rupert the Devil

Eleanor Swift-Hook

Prince Rupert of the Rhine was portrayed harshly by the Parliamentarians, but was he really so bad?

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The British Monarchy

Jeremy Black

Much has changed and stayed the same with the modern monarchy.

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How the Redcoat Learnt the Art of War

Huw J. Davies

The lessons learnt in America led to victory over Napoleon years later.

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Britain in the World Wars

Robin Prior

It was only towards the end of the Second World War that the British stumbled upon the ideal combination of general and politician.

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Seizing Eichmann

Giles Milton

The story of Adolf Eichmann's capture from Argentina by Mossad agents, culminating in his trial and execution.

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