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JFK (1991)

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On the 22nd November 1963 President John F Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas Texas. The assassination shocked the world. In 1991, Academy Award winner Oliver Stone, a Vietnam veteran, directed JFK starring Kevin Costner. In it he argues a conspiracy and the movie has helped lead to more than 60% of Americans believe him.

Director Tim Hewitt joins our editor Ollie to talk the movie, the allegations of conspiracy, their favourite actors, best scene, as well as most inaccurate, and finally the legacy of the film.

*Please note it was in fact the Assassination Records Review Board that was established in the wake of the movie, not the House Select Committee on Assassinations

Links Discussed

Libra, by Don Delillo

American Tabloid, James Ellroy

Oswald’s Tale: An American Mystery, by Norman Mailer

Hollywood & History: The Debate Over JFK

JFK: Director’s Commentary

Umbrella Man, Errol Morris

Oswald Photograph

Bullet Theory

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