Episodes 10 & 11

Robert Lyman, author of A War of Empires, discusses the Far East campaign and the Indian Army in WW2.

Robert Lyman
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Robert Lyman, the acclaimed historian joined us to discuss his new book, War of Empires: Japan, India, Burma & Britain 1941-45Robert is the author of one of our authorities on the war in the Far East, and has written an acclaimed biography of Bill Slim. We discuss the Indian Army, and how by the end of the war it consisted over over 2 million volunteers, making it a key part of a new independent country. We also discussed the Chinese army and how important it was to the war effort in the region.

In Part Two Robert explains how the Indian Army learnt to fight the Japanese, the sheer waste of life by the Japanese leadership and finally he discusses Bill Slim – was he the greatest British general ever?

You can buy Robert’s book here: https://amzn.to/3nec7eP