Episode 65

Elizabeth II, Philip and Monarchy with Dr Tessa Dunlop

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This week’s guest is friend of the show Dr Tessa Dunlop, talking about the subject of her new book, Elizabeth and Philip and their early life. This couple both served during the Second World War. and Philip in particular had a hugely disruptive upbringing. His mother, Princess Alice, lived under German occupation and indeed saved a family of jews from the Holocaust. His sisters married into senior members of the German aristocracy, two of whom were Nazis.

This is in stark contrast to the more modern version of the royals, with the recent Harry and Meghan Netflix documentary which we inevitably discuss. But the story here is of Philip, looking for stability, and Elizabeth, for the man of her dreams, who united to build a family that now represents modern Britain: the good bits as well as divorce, social media and very public disagreements.