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Black Ice, by Corie Mapp

Black Ice, by Corie Mapp

The inspirational story of a wounded veteran of the war in Afghanistan

The Tudors in Love, by Sarah Gristwood

The Tudors in Love, by Sarah Gristwood

The latest from the acclaimed Tudor historian looks at a new area of study: the courtly code.


The Newspaper Axis, by Kathryn A. Olmsted

A new history on the press barons that enabled Adolf Hitler.


Crécy, by Gordon Corrigan

Crécy, by Gordon Corrigan

The acclaimed historian's latest book is on one of the great battles of the Middle Ages.

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Brothers in Arms, by James Holland

Rupert Hague Holmes

The Sherwood Rangers get a 'must-read' treatment from James Holland.

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My Name is Ona Judge, by Suzette D. Harrison

Ella Beales

This new novel is both a heart-breaking and heart-warming tale of love, loss, bravery and determination.

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December ’41, by William Martin

Alan Bardos

A good old fashioned suspense thriller.

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A Short History of War, by Jeremy Black

Evelyn Webb-Carter

This short book contains astonishing facts and huge breadth.

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War: How Conflict Shaped Us, by Margaret MacMillan

Charlotte Cowell

Margaret MacMillan's latest book makes us ponder deeply war and its impact.

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Dünkirchen 1940, by Robert Kershaw

Gordon Corrigan

A new history of Dunkirk, but from a German perspective.

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Hoax: The Popish Plot That Never Was, by Victor Stater

Michael Ward

Perhaps the most dangerous conspiracy theory took place in the 17th century.

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The Rebel Daughter, by Miranda Malins

Steven Veerapen

The story of Bridge Cromwell, wife of Henry Ireton and a gripping story sharply told.

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The Woman Who Risked Everything, by Ellie Midwood

Laura Bloomfield

A tense and threatening novel.

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The Perfect Corpse, by Giles Milton

Alistair Addison

The acclaimed historian has written a compelling thriller.

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