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Bunkeya, by A P Handley

Bunkeya, by A P Handley

Gripping, well-crafted and ironically unpredictable.

The Tudors in Love, by Sarah Gristwood

The Tudors in Love, by Sarah Gristwood

The latest from the acclaimed Tudor historian looks at a new area of study: the courtly code.


The Newspaper Axis, by Kathryn A. Olmsted

A new history on the press barons that enabled Adolf Hitler.


Henry III, by David Carpenter

The second volume of Carpenter's biography of Henry III covers 1258-1272.

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The Hanging of William Dodd, by Anthony Lynch

Chantelle Lee

Characters are lifelike and well-rounded, and the narrative voice strong and era-appropriate.

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What the Greeks Did For Us, by Tony Spawforth

Justin Doherty

Fodder for all sides of the debate in the culture wars.

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Action This Day: A WW2 Short Story Collection

Mia Roe

A new collection from Aspects of History features some of the best novelists writing about the Second World War.

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Coronation, by Hugo Vickers

Tessa Dunlop

Gentle time-travel, with a side hustle in liturgies, hierarchies, monarchies and television rights.

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The Queen, by Matthew Dennison

Rupert Hague-Holmes

A real sense of the complex web and strains of life within the Royal Family.

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Desperate Valour, by Timothy Ashby

Peter Tonkin

A new novel set during the war of 1812

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Crécy, by Gordon Corrigan

Rebecca Yates

The acclaimed historian's latest book is on one of the great battles of the Middle Ages.

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Shadow of Treason, by Peter Tonkin

Natalie Morgan

The latest in the Queen Intelligencer series from the author of The Trojan Murders

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Of Blood Descended, by Steven Veerapen

Michael Ward

John Blanke, son of Anthony, the king's trumpeter, embarks on a murder case at Court.

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The Children Left Behind, by Lizzie Page

Becky Yates

An excellent, character-driven read.

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