International bestselling author Nicola Cornick is a writer and a historian. After gaining a BA in History from the University of London she worked in academia for a number of years before returning to university as a mature student at Ruskin College, Oxford. Her specialism is Public History and she gained a Masters with Distinction for her work on heroes and hero myths. She is a trustee of the Friends of Lydiard Park, an 18th century stately home in Wiltshire, and she researches the history of the Craven Family and Ashdown House for the National Trust.

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Nicola’s most recent books are dual time mysteries that combine an historical and a contemporary thread. The first of these, House of Shadows, was based on the research she has done into Elizabeth of Bohemia, the Winter Queen. Her new novel, The Last Daughter, is inspired by the 15th century mystery of the disappearance of the Princes in the Tower and was described by Alison Weir as: ‘An engaging, beautifully crafted romance that weaves together several intriguing mysteries, both ancient and modern, and questions the very essence of time itself.’

Nicola is a trustee of the Wantage Literary Festival and in her spare time, a puppy raiser for the Guide Dogs charity.

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A Burning Sea
A Burning Sea
A Burning Sea
A Burning Sea
A Burning Sea
A Burning Sea


The Final Resting Place of Francis, Viscount Lovell
I’m drawn to writing about people who disappear. Perhaps it’s because as a historical novelist I look for the gaps in the historical record that can be filled by the imagination. One such historical figure is Francis, Viscount Lovell, close friend and advisor to King Richard III who vanished after the Battle of Stoke Field in 1487. History abhors a vacuum, it seems, and in an echo of the ...
Robert Catesby & The Gunpowder Plot
Would ‘penny for the Robert’ have quite the same ring to it? Probably not, but as Nicola Cornick demonstrates, it was Robert Catesby who was the driving force behind the terrorist plot to kill King James I, along with hundreds of others in the Gunpowder Plot.As a public historian I am very interested in the aspects of history that we remember - and those which are largely forgotten. When ...

Author Interview

Nicola Cornick
Nicola Cornick, what prompted you to choose the period that you wrote your first book in?My very first book was a Regency romance inspired by my enjoyment of Georgette Heyer’s writing more than anything else! However, when I changed genre to write dual-time mysteries, I chose the 17th century, based on the research
Fiction Book of the Month: Nicola Cornick on The Forgotten Sister
This is your second novel of the Tudor era, what is it about the Tudors do you think fascinates us so much today? Nicola CornickI think there are a number ...