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A Classicist by training, Justin Doherty takes an interest in the application of history to contemporary challenges, including geopolitics, cultural preservation, economics and reputation.

He advises governments around the world on crises and complex situations.  He has overseen counter-terrorism strategic communications in southern Yemen, advised the Saudi Culture Minister, the Ugandan Prime Minister, the President of South Sudan, and the President of Sri Lanka.


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In 2018 he was part of the team that successfully changed the law in the UK to allow sick children access to cannabis-based medicine.

Justin is a former British Army officer, where he spent many years commanding tanks, deployed on peacekeeping operations in the Balkans, and carrying out influence operations within 15 (UK) Psychological Operations Group.

He divides his time between Arabia, Somerset and Devon where he sails Vixen, a Wayfarer.

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Blood and Iron, by Katja Hoyer

Blood and Iron, by Katja Hoyer

The seeds of the German nation, nursed into being by the wily statesman Bismarck, were sown in Prussia’s humiliation in the Napoleonic Wars. By the time the fragmented German states got their act together, fought back and won at Leipzig in 1813, the journey to unification had begun.  Galvanised