Writing historical fiction combines the first great love of Alan Bardos’s life, making up stories, with the second, researching historical events and characters. He currently lives in Oxfordshire with his wife… the other great love of his life.

There is still a great deal of mystery and debate surrounding many of the events of the First World War, which he explores in his historical fiction series. Through the eyes of Johnny Swift, a disgraced and degenerate diplomat and soldier.

The series starts with the pivotal event of the twentieth century. The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The second book The Dardanelles Conspiracy is based on an attempt by Naval Intelligence to bribe Turkey out of the First World War. In the third book Johnny will be employed as a useful idiot to flush out a traitor working to undermine the Allies.

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Praise for his books

‘Written with polished panache, it kept me gripped from the first to last.’ A.A. Chaudhuri, She’s Mine

‘As far as writing humorous cads and bounders goes, I am not sure I want the competition…, but this is a brilliant book that kept me gripped to the end, and I bought the next one straight away.’ Jemahl Evans, A Rake’s Progress

‘Political intrigue, an enthralling account of the assault on the beaches of Gallipoli and romantic comedy… it’s all in this highly entertaining romp.’ Shaun Lewis, The Custom of the Trade series

‘I have to say that I think Bardos has really cracked it. Johnny Swift is an excellent drunken anti-hero, somewhat debauched, but with a good heart.’ David Boyle, Before Enigma

‘Gives a carefully-researched and graphically real insight into the doomed campaign, as well as telling a gripping story of courage and redemption.’ Allan Martin, Death in Tallinn

‘With its war-damaged, womanising, loose cannon of an anti-hero, Johnny Swift, The Dardanelles Conspiracy vividly captures the flux and uncertainty – as well as the horror – of war.’ R.N. Morris, A Gentle Axe

‘A thrilling romp through the delights and dangers of WW1 espionage.’ Matthew Willis, The Fortress of Malta series

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Oskar Potiorek: The Most Infamous Man in History You’ve Never Heard Of, by Alan Bardos

Oskar Potiorek: The Most Infamous Man in History You’ve Never Heard Of, by Alan Bardos

When it was announced that Franz Ferdinand, the Heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, would visit Bosnia to attend manoeuvres in June 1914. It fell to General Oskar Potiorek, the military governor to organise the visit.This was a task Oskar Potiorek threw himself into with an extraordinary eye for detail. He over saw all arrangements, from ensuring that the Archduke’s wine would be served ...
Before the Assassination: Archduke Ferdinand and the General

Before the Assassination: Archduke Ferdinand and the General

Bosnia and Herzegovina was a hotly disputed territory in 1914. It had been annexed by the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in 1910 from the crumbling Ottoman Empire, but was also claimed by neighbouring Serbia and had a growing nationalist movement that wanted it to be part of a South Slav state. The decision to send the crown prince of Austro-Hungary into such an unstable region, to attend army ...

Author Interview

Alan Bardos

Alan Bardos

Alan Bardos, what prompted you to choose the period that you wrote your first book in?My first book The Assassins is set just before the First World War and is about the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. I chose that period because the events ...