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Unionism & The Treaty

Unionism & The Treaty

Ulster leader James Craig thought he had beaten Lloyd George during the Anglo-Irish Treaty negotiations.
Gretchen Friemann
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Izabela Czartoryska

Adam Zamoyski

Writing the story of the indomitable Polish Princess, Izabela the Valiant.

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Love and Marriage in the Age of Jane Austen

Rory Muir

What was the reality of marriage once the sound of the church bells had died away?

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How to Make History Appealing

Paul Wreyford

The author of a new history aimed at children explains the challenges of writing for them.

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2024 Summer Reads from Aspects of History

Our authors and contributors recommend books to take on summer holidays.

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Roman Andalusia: The Rise and Fall of Empires

Alistair Tosh

Andalusia, the large autonomous community in the Iberian Peninsular has plenty of Roman history.

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Putin’s War in Ukraine

Gordon Corrigan

The distinguished historian writes about the Russo-Ukrainian War.

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History and the National Psyche

Justin Doherty

Our Editor at Large is a huge enthusiast of the Chalke History Festival and here writes about what makes it his favourite history festival.

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Victor of D-Day: Admiral Ramsay

Nick Hewitt

Bertram Ramsay was responsible for two of the great operations of WW2: Dunkirk and D-Day.

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Napoleon’s Invasion of Egypt

Jonathan North

Jonathan North has found eyewitness testimonies and here he traces the campaign that Bonaparte thought would make him the new Alexander.

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Seizing Eichmann

Giles Milton

The story of Adolf Eichmann's capture from Argentina by Mossad agents in May 1960, culminating in his trial and execution.

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