Unionism & The Treaty

Unionism & The Treaty

Ulster leader James Craig thought he had beaten Lloyd George during the Anglo-Irish Treaty negotiations.
Gretchen Friemann
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What the Greeks Did For Us

Tony Spawforth

There are many echoes of ancient Greece in today's world.

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Finest Hours: The Battle of Crécy

Gordon Corrigan

The distinguished historian has written a new series on the Hundred Years War starting with Crécy.

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Victorian Women Breaking the Rules

Katie Lumsden

The author of a new novel set in the world of Victorian governesses describes her story and influences.

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Resistance to the Normans

Paul Bernardi

The Norman Invasion encountered resistance all over the country, as the author of a series set during it recounts.

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The Legend of King Arthur

David Pilling

In a new series Arthur's Welsh roots are brought to the fore by historian and author David Pilling.

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Britain’s Destiny

Ian Morris

Britain's destiny has been defined by its geography.

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The U-Boat War

Lawrence Paterson

A new history of U-Boat warfare tells us German subs away from the traditional view

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Medea @Soho Place – Review

Oliver Webb-Carter

The latest adaptation of Euripides' play is dominated by a towering performance from Sophie Okonedo.

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Post-War Orphans

Lizzie Page

The treatment of orphans post-war has proved the inspiration for a series of novels.

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Crime in WW2 London

Mark Ellis

London saw plenty of criminals taking advantage of the chaos of the German bombings.

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